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Meet B.


B.Evans has worked in the hair industry for 18+ years. Becoming a master stylist in 2017, B specializes in styling diverse hair textures studying kinks and coils to understand techniques that will help keep curls intact when blowdrying, coloring and styling the hair. With her strength in diverse textures, B has also become a sought after stylist in the bridal industry being able to service a full range of brides, including being the lead hair stylist for celebrity gown designer Ese Ezenabar. B’s career has also found her backstage at beauty pageants, behind the scenes on video recordings and alongside models on photoshoots. As the “Queen of Natural Hair”, B has cracked the code to styling natural hair. She thinks “Hair should be fun, a conversation between your hair and your products until something good comes out, '' she says Yass to Healthy Hair.

Queen of Thiiicckk Natural Hair

Welcome to the B. Evans Experience. Here you’ll find everything you need to know when it comes to styling your natural hair. From protective styles to products B has the solution for you. 

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