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Brittney is an editorial and bridal hairstylist, based in Maryland and New York. She began her career as a hairstylist at the age of 9, watching her aunt do hair, mimicking these techniques on her dolls. By the time Brittney reached high school, her clientele graduated from her dolls to her sisters. She was hooked. Brittney decided to pursue her dream of being a cosmetologist. While still in high school she attended a vocational school and graduated with her cosmetology license. Brittney began her professional career working in salons, developing a versatile and unique client base. For the last 19 years, Brittney has serviced both salon and bridal clients throughout the Washington DC, Maryland, New York, and Virginia markets. She has worked on fashion shows from Maryland to NYC, behind the scenes on Broadway shows, and fashion campaigns for local boutiques. Her clients include Baltimore artist Tia Reid and Miss Maryland United States. In 2011, frustrated with the lack of diversity in the bridal industry B. decided to focus on creating beautiful naturally textured styles that catered to the luxury natural bride.

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